IVF Egg Donors

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The IVF Center’s expertise in an egg donor cycle lies in our willingness and ability to individualize our approach to best suit each and every one of our egg donors to egg donor recipients. If you have any questions as you review the material on egg donation, please contact us for a FREE EGG DONATION E-MAIL CONSULTATION.

First Step - Immediate Database Access.

If you are interested in viewing our selection of approved Egg Donors, the first step is to create a login and password at our EGG DONOR DATABASE.

All the potential candidates in our approved Egg Donor Database have completed a detailed questionnaire. Only half the candidates who submit the questionnaire are invited for an in-person interview with one of our oocyte evaluation program coordinators. The first interview typically eliminates another 10-20 percent of the candidates. A second interview follows with one of our physicians, who conducts medical testing for infectious diseases, genetic conditions, and evidence of drug abuse. When a candidate has successfully passed all these steps, only then is she approved and entered into our database to become a prospective Egg Donor.

To view the database, the first step is to register by choosing a login and password. After registering, you create a personal Egg Donor Wish List by choosing your specific genetic preferences. When finished, you submit your choices to run your selections against the database to review the donor matches that turn up from our pre-screened database. At any time, you may come back to your Egg Wish List to re-run the list to see if new donors have been added, or to edit your preferences to see new results. To do so, return to this page and enter your login and password, and you will come back directly to your personal Wish List. (So please write down your login and password, in case you want to return.)

Direct Help.

If you would prefer to have us search the Egg Donor Bank to find a few prospective candidates for you, please contact our Egg Donor Coordinator at 630.561.2085 to set up an appointment for a telephone consultation.

Egg Donor Application.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please complete the EGG DONOR APPLICATION. If you have any questions, you are invited to contact us. .